Digital Marketing Specialist (Short-term, immediate start)

Empath Designs is looking for a Digital Marking Specialist to help advance the next phase of their business. Consisting of one Melbourne-based digital artist, Empath Designs creates symbolic art that invokes mindfulness and also strives to produce their artwork as sustainable as possible.

You will lead the primary digital marketing campaign and taskwork including a number of online campaigns and e-mail automations, carrying out the vision of Empath Designs and allow them to focus on art production.


You are:

  • A proficient Digital Marketing Specialist with past experience in EDM campaigns, e-mail automation, social media ad campaigns and sales funneling.
  • Proficient with Mailchimp and have previous experiencing creating and maintaining a Mailchimp account for your own or another business.
    • Note: Experience with Mailerlite or ActiveCampaign would be advantageous as Empath Designs intends to migrate to either platform. We are also open to suggestions for other marketing CRM options.
  • Knowledgeble with social media ad campaigns on an intermediate level, and are able to tie these in with the overall marketing campaign.
  • A critical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills, creative, organised and have high attention to detail.

Empath Designs highly values applicants who have:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and are able to take Empath Design’s ideas and translate them into the required digital marketing changes and/or communicate them to their target audiences.
  • Professional acumen and accountability, and who actively works to deadlines and has the ability to communicate any setbacks or changes to due dates as they arise.
  • Proficient with WordPress and have had previous experience updating/maintaining a WordPress site for your own or another business.
  • An interest in symbolism, ancient history, art and/or mindfulness.


This is a short term, part time role over three months with an estimated six to eight hours per fortnight to start off with, which can fluctuate depending on the work required. This will suit freelancers with fluid, dynamic schedules who are looking to add another short-term project to their schedule.

If this role interests you, please email Germaine at with the email title ‘Digital Marketing Specialist’. Please attach your CV and also let us know 1-2 recent examples of a marketing campaign that you worked on with a summary of the results from the campaign. Please also tell us which is your favourite animal and why. 😉

Applications close 5pm Friday Sept 20th 2019.